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Find my story "Mission: Undercover Santa" in this year's Chicken Soup for the Soul annual Christmas book. I'm so honored to be included in this collection! And it's also important to note that a portion of the royalties from this book will be donated to Toys for Tots. Click below to purchase:

A Matter of Truth



Amanda Ewing yearns for fame as a great American journalist, but her ambition causes her to cut corners, and her editor fires her. Relying on her college minor in broadcasting, Amanda becomes a television news photographer and keeps her eye out for a “page one” story to catapult her back into print.


While filming with handsome reporter Brad Mareck, Amanda spots Lynnette Harris. Lynnette disappeared a decade ago under suspicion of being an accomplice to three murders her brother committed. After her brother went to prison, Lynnette changed her name to Leslie Gilbert and went into hiding. Amanda has found the story she’s been looking for, but when Brad tries to steal it, her attraction to him disappears. The race is on. But Amanda’s long-awaited interview with Leslie ends abruptly when Leslie reveals a terrifying secret. Now, honoring Leslie’s trust may cost Amanda her dream.


It is my pleasure to recommend A Matter of Truth by Toni Wilbarger to you . . . This manuscript placed second in The Great Novel Contest 2020, the Ohio Writers’ Association’s annual competition for unpublished novel manuscripts. The contest is quite competitive and Toni Wilbarger’s project distinguished itself both in the quality of the prose and the originality of the concept.

          -- Brad Pauquette, President,

                     Ohio Writers’ Association

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