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Finding Success When You're Invisible

"Hello? Is anyone out there?"

"Can you hear me?"

Sometimes I feel like calling out to the air or across social media platforms: Am I invisible? Can you see me? And when no one answers, it seems like the walls echo with hopelessness. What am I doing? Why do I bother?

The comic books will tell you being invisible is a super power. You can stand right there in the room and hear what people are saying. Eavesdrop with no shame. You can sneak into places you normally would not be allowed to go. Kinda cool, I suppose. I guess the problem comes when you want to be seen or heard.

Becoming any kind of artist these days (singer, writer, photographer, instrumentalist, etc.) requires you to get your name out there on social media and garner a following of folks who will put the word out about you. When you're an introvert like me, that's a very difficult thing to achieve.

Eventually, interest in your platform wanes. People get busy, you know? So why go on if you're invisible? I believe the answer lies in how we measure success.

Success in the eyes of the world is indeed measured by large numbers of followers on social media. Sometimes I wonder why the Christian entertainment "machine" uses the same measurement as the secular one. And if the number of followers you have is meager at best, what do you do? Why go on when it seems like you're invisible?

Simple, really. We go on because we are following our dreams, doing what we believe God told us to do. Success for Christians means doing what God wants us to do. Even if no one sees us. Even if we never shine before thousands of followers. Even if our audience in comprised of only One.

If we remain faithful to our audience of One, then maybe others will follow. Maybe not. But as long as we continue to work for the One, success is already ours.

Until next time,


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Pearl Allard
Pearl Allard
Aug 16, 2021

Toni, I hear you. I see you. 💛

Toni Wilbarger
Toni Wilbarger
Aug 21, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Pearl. It means an awful lot to me!

Sandy Beach

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